Senin, 11 Januari 2010


ini puisi" cinta gejeee , hahaha ada yg broken heart , desperate , ada juga yg pengantar tidur . hmm , abis dibuang sayang sih . jd dibuat postingan bagus juga kayaknya :)
eh klo ad grammar yg salah ato apa saya jgn d goblog"in yaa , wkakaka , ud goblog dr sononya . xp

Trapped inside of your eyes.
I'm sorry that it took so long to write this poetry.
I gave up..
You see nothing words can't tell the truth..
I swear I'm giving up my inside to you..
To the one I love.
Without you my days absolutely gray.
And it painted in my heart.

A word that makes me cry.
All the joy and fun are suddenly gone - goodbye..
I can feel the cold steel on my shaking skin.
I stand alone with my thoughts on a crossway to neverwhere..
A long kiss goodbye.
My tears flow over.
Time just fans the fire.
Why can't you stay forever?
I wish this nightmare would end.

"there is no forever,just today"

Don't look at me like that..
None of your tears can change me again..
It's too late for this . . .

The sky is bleeding above me.
Just like your tears..
Bleeding through my heart.
It's over now.
When I'm dying here all alone . .. . ..

Laid to rest,
Good night sweetheart .
I hope the devil give you a sweet 666 dream .
Love you ..

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